I truly believe that when you harmonize the mind, body + spirit, you create a healthy, abundant + unified whole being. We offer several energetic healing modalities to remove, clear and emotionally neutralize energetic blockages (stored trauma). All of them are performed remotely, by phone or Zoom.

​​Chakras Balancing & Clearing: 


What is a chakra:  Sanskrit word Chakra literally translates to wheel or disk. In yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda, this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. To visualize a chakra in the body, imagine a swirling wheel of energy where matter and consciousness meet. This invisible healing energy, called Prana, is vital life force, which keeps us vibrant, healthy, and alive.


Blocked Chakras:  The Chakras can become blocked preventing the energy from flowing freely in and out of our bodies. When Chakras are blocked, both our bodies and our lives are likely to be out of balance as well. Some examples are chronic illness, being stuck in a relationship pattern, addiction or an old habit. When there is an imbalance in your Chakra system, it will eventually manifest itself as a problem in your spiritual, emotional or physical body.

Benefits of balancing & clearing chakras:

  • Access the energetic frequencies and higher states of consciousness at will, and you will see your life move forward in the direction that you set forth during your session

  • Achieve well-being

  • Be grounded, secure, confident and in touch with your own body

  • Be in touch with your emotions, but not overwhelmed by them

  • Become comfortable with your own sexuality

  • Become self-confident and able to manifest your desires without dominating others

  • Be compassionate and loving, with healthy relationships

  • Be able to express your own truth, to listen as well as speak

  • Get in touch with intuition

  • Have a sense of connection with the divine relief

Reiki Reiki is an energy healing treatment that works holistically; on the whole body, mind and spirit. Not a system of religious beliefs, Reiki is simply a relaxing treatment whereas natural healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of a Reiki practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the recipient. The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to relieve stress and pain, induce relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing, balance subtle bodies energies and support other medical modalities including traditional therapies. 

Benefits of Reiki:

  • Promote Harmony & Balance

  • Relaxes and Releases Tension From The Body

  • Breaks Down Energy Blocks and Balances The Mind, Body, and Spirit

  • Cleanses Body of Toxins and Supports Immune System

  • Clears The Mind and Improves Focus

  • Helps You Sleep Better

  • Helps Spiritual Growth and Emotional Cleansing

  • Accelerates The Body’s Self-Healing Ability

Energy Therapy® (IET):  Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET) sessions use angelic energy to work directly with your body’s cellular memory and energy field to get the “issues out of your tissues” for good. IET helps you to safely and gently release limiting energy patterns from your past, empower and balance your life in the present, and embody your full potential as you move into your future.


Benefits of IET:

  • Can painlessly release your suppressed feelings and your limiting cellular memories

  • Supports you in enhancing your health, life purpose, prosperity and creativity

  • Empowers you to experience fulfilling loving relationships in all areas of your life

  • Provides gentle yet powerful support for survivors of childhood traumas such as physical and sexual abuse, alcoholic and dysfunctional families

  • Supports your self-healing at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual

  • Increases your connection to your angels and helps you work with them in your life

  • Helps you to discover and live your Soul’s mission in life




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