I AM Abundant Bracelet Stack

I AM Abundant Bracelet Stack

I AM Abundant Bracelet Stack: This bracelet stack has been encoded with our signature 'Light Infused Technology' to carry the high vibrational frequencies, attributes and qualities of a those who understand the universal laws to create abundance in all forms within the physical world. It is our intention for the wearer of this product to be completely supported, authenticated and energized to take on the characteristics and qualities of those who have mastery over their mental and emotional bodies and remember their inherent birth rights as a soverign being of divine light who is worthy of any reality they wish to create/experience in the physical world . In addition, the naming of this bracelet stack and its 'Light Infusion' of frequencies and codes where carefully selected to accent and pair with the inherent qualities and unique attributes of each of the crystals or stones of each individual bracelet.


Crystals + Stones per bracelet:

(1) 10mm Chakra Bracelet + Hematite

(1) 10mm Mixed Crystals + Stones


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You may add this bracelet stack to any gift box or gift basket that is listed in our store as an ADD ON. Bracelet stacks can be packaged as a gift at your request + for no additional charge. However, you MUST let us know in the comments below, prior to shipping, if this purchase is to be packaged as a gift and/or shipped to a different address.