Cosmic Love Gift Box 2

Cosmic Love Gift Box 2


  • Cosmic Love: Light infused (aka; frequency or energy infused) 10mm roller ball to realign, restore, balance and harmonize you to the frequencies of cosmic love and oneness
  • Cosmic Love:  Intentional Bath Soak 
  • Cosmic Love: 'Make - A - Wish' - Intention Candle
  • Detailed instructions and explanations of the intentions, frequencies, crystals and essential oils infused into this high vibrational blend.


Each product within this collection contains the frequencies holding the highest vibrations of love, compassion, strength  and forgiveness. 


Featuring our signature"Light Infused Technology" this unique product will bring forth the purity of Divine Creator's brilliant perfection and emanate the energy of the Pink Ray of Love + Compassion.  Additionally, Cosmic Love energetically holds the highest qualities of the divine feminine and seeks to balance the feminine/masculine bodies within the individual seeking for this level of sacred harmonization. These powerful  frequencies work at a cellular level and can create release of core level issues or trauma (emotional, mental, spiritual or physical) to bring forth a new level of clarity, peace, acceptance and understanding of your soul's journey.


Use the bath soak and candle while consciously connecting to the intention of moving into a state of grace, surrender and healing.  From this beautiful place of self acceptance and energetic support, you may finally experience the safety you have needed in order to let go of all that has kept you bound and tied to negative situations, relationships, obligations, and/or limited belief systems. 


Ultimately, the true gift of this blend is the deep level of forgiveness that can present for you on a quantum level. Meaning, from any and all transgressions of your past (imagined or otherwise), through any point of time and/or space in time, from any incarnation (meaning this lifetime or any other of your life times).  Ultimately, the infused and blended frequencies of this product will lead you to remember the truth of who you are and grant you the grace to fully accept the divinity which resides within you. 


Once you love and accept yourself at this level, it creates a ripple effect into the Universe to bring forth a vibrational match to the new frequencies which you are eminating. This can allow for soulful and meaningful relationships, encounters, events or situations to enter your life to inspire you and maybe give you the passion and purpose you have always found yourself searching for. 


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