The Integrative Wellness Center I owned + operated for over 7 years was ahead of its time in the field of preventative + restorative health care. I created programs for cellular detox + rejuvenation and built an amazing team of like minded health care professionals. I feel that I owe much of my success to the marketing plan I formulated + in the genuine approach I took in helping my clients live their best life, regardless of the health crisis they may have been experiencing. Now, I'm able to take all my WINS + make them YOURS. Whether you are looking to build a new business from the ground up, big or small, or if you are a health care professional who wants to add an alternative wellness program to their existing practice - either way - I can help you be successful + thrive in the up and coming area of Biomedical + Alternative + Holistic Wellness.  

The future of medicine will be preventative in nature, be a leader in this industry!


Luminary of Light

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