The new moon is a powerful time to recenter yourself, to reflect, and to take stock of where you are on your life path. By taking an open and honest look at what is serving you and what is not, it will allow you to tackle new beginnings and plant seeds of change.


Performing your own new moon ceremony is a beautiful way way to practice self care, develop a positive mindset and reinforce your manifestation skills. Establishing goals and intentions, focusing on gratitude, and releasing what no longer serves you, can create powerful changes in your life.


What is a new moon?

The new moon is the part of the lunar cycle when the moon, the sun, and Earth are aligned, with the moon in between the sun and Earth. Remember, the moon’s light is actually a reflection of the sun’s light. The moon does not generate light of it’s own. When this alignment occurs, the moon is not illuminated at all by the Sun’s light and therefore we are unable to see it. 


The energy of the new moon:

Since it is the beginning of the lunar cycle it symbolizes new beginnings and abundance - in ALL its forms - making it the ideal time to set intentions and start new projects. As the moon moves through it’s phases and moves towards being more full, we will keep focusing on the projects we started at the new moon. This culminates to the full moon where we can measure our progress and achievements on these projects to see if they are moving in the direction we intended and if we need to make any course corrections. 


How to perform a new moon ceremony using my New Moon Ceremony Kit:

New Moons are a time for you to take stock of where you are in life and to evaluate (with 100% honesty) what is serving you on your life path and what is not. With a new moon ceremony, we will plant the seeds of change, to manifest and bring into our reality, that which we would like to experience. We do this through creating an intention. 


What is an intention?

Intention fuels the flames of manifestation. Intention means ‘focused thought’.  Everything is energy, including your thoughts and they become just as solid once you create the energy into existence - simply by thinking something. So, when you place deliberate, focused and infused with high vibrational thoughts with feelings behind it - then you are in full CREATOR mode and the Universe is listening carefully! 




Step 1: Clear your ceremonial space. Use Sage or an energy infused clearing spray (such as our High Vibe Spray) within the  space where you will be performing your ceremony. Don’t forget to also clear yourself! Head to toe. 


Step 2: Set up your intention board/alter (use the little box your kit came in or create your own) with the Amethyst Stone + the Aura Quartz Crystal Bracelet in front of it and the Abundance Intention Candle off to the side. You can decorate your the intention board/mini alter that came with the kit for more fun! Paint, draw, or paste photos on it that align with your beliefs or bring you joy. Add figurines, crystals, stones, or things that feel good to you or that which may be connected to your personal spiritual practice. 


Step 3: Anoint yourself.  Use the enclosed Abundance Rollerball representing the Emerald Ray of Healing, Prosperity + Manifestation. It is energy infused with light technology coded to attract towards you all forms of prosperity, abundance + health.  *Further, it repels all that which is not aligned with your highest good. 


Step 4:  Light your Abundance Intention Candle. It is infused with light codes, energy and frequencies to align you to your higher self, to your light  team (angels, spirit guides, ascended masters), and the keepers of the Emerald Ray, who are Master Hilaron + AA Raphael. In addition, it is coded to attract towards you all forms of prosperity, abundance + health while repelling that which is not in alignment with your highest good.


Step 5:  Tap into the Divine (the Universe cannot wait to bring you a constant flow of abundance). Imagine a tube that runs straight through the middle of your being. About 10 inches above your head you will envision a ball of dazzling white light. This sparkling light begins to move down the center tube and effortlessly moves into your crown chakra and continues to move all the way through your body through the clear tube until it runs out the bottom of your feet. It continues to move all the way to the center of the Earth to support our beloved mother Earth. Run this high frequency through you and at your direction bring your focus to your heart center. You can do this by placing your hands over your heart and begin to breathe into this space. This will create your intention to focus on the heart space and call the light to respond to you. Once you feel a calmness settle over your being, you may start to imagine what you would like to create. Use all your creative forces to pull in what you want to manifest. 


  • Smell it, feel it, taste it, touch it…bring it to life!

  • Imagination is key! We create through our imagination and the feelings it brings up within us. So, don’t be shy, use ALL your FEELS to align yourself with how having the object of your desire will make you feel. How will it change your life? Envision how you will look when you have it or express it. 

  • Write down your intentions and speak them aloud to the Universe as a Creator’s Decree. Place your paper with the intentions in the envelope and seal it. You can clip it onto your intention board/alter until you finish the ceremony. Then, either keep it with your intention board/alter as a reminder or place it somewhere safe and review it in 30 days time. Above all, remember to have trust and faith by giving your desired wish(s) up to the Universe to be fulfilled - all in divine timing! Do not put limitations on how, why or when.


Step 6: Use the Abundance Intentional Bath Soak. This soak is energy infused with the Emerald Ray of Manifestation, Abundance + Health and intentionally encoded with light technology to assist you in fully releasing and healing all those parts of you which may block you from completely manifesting your greatest wishes and desires. Should you feel any resistance to this or need additional support, please call upon AA Raphael of the Emerald Ray. This angelic frequency will help you in releasing, clearing and healing all that no longer serves your path of light and any/all keeping you from accepting your inherent birth rights as a divine being of light. 


VERY IMPORTANT:  The amount of abundance you attract into your life is a direct reflection of your self worth! Need an affirmation to imprint into your forcefield?  Use:  I AM WORTHY OF ANY AND ALL I WISH TO EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE.  


Step 7: Close the energy of the ceremony.  This is an important step in the ceremony process, which is often overlooked. Say thank you to those beings of light who have supported you with the ritual and ask them to transmute to light - any/all that was released from your energy field during the new moon ceremony. Make sure to express your gratitude. Gratitude is the magic elixir in manifestation. Gratitude is Love in expression and love endlessly multiples upon itself - This is the Law of Love + Harmony. 


SUGGESTION: Use your mini intention board/alter and place it somewhere you can see everyday, along with your crystal and written intentions. Each day you can infuse your energy into what will be manifested by expressing your gratitude and imagining how wonderful you will feel/be when your intentions are made manifest. 


Step 8: Wear your Aura Quartz Crystal Bracelet.  Wearing it daily helps to infuse the energies of the divine feminine into your force field. This will allow you to attract your manifestations more fully as the intuitive feminine aspect of you is fully aware of your creator abilities! Trust in yourself as the divine co-creator + architect of your life experience. Wearing this bracelet is a joyful reminder of your capabilities to manifest any/all that you wish to experience and more!


Lastly, enjoy yourself, have fun, play, dance, sing and in all ways remember how loved you are by our miraculous and Divine Creator. 


Sending my support and prayers your way as you move more fully onto your unique path of light. 


With Love + Light,





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