The Art of Ceremony





The Return of the Divine Feminine

We are all each a reflection of the Divine-Creator, even though at times we may not feel like it. A ritual or ceremony is a beautiful self-care practice, long practiced by the divine feminine. It is a designated, sacred time which allows us much needed space to remember all the glorious aspects of our co-creator self. Taking time out with the intention to connect to our higher self, through ceremony, will infuse our intuition and invoke our inherent manifestation abilities and remind us of the role we are to play in the Great Awakening of humanity; the Golden Age. Through time, the mounting pressures of all the roles we have to play as well as the continuous stressors and obligations of our daily lives, have kept us from claiming invaluable time to simply BE. To reflect on the magnificence of being a woman, connected to the Earth and all of creation. I urge you, dear sister, remember the truth of the light you hold within! I've created several Ritual or Ceremony Kits to assist you in reclaiming your personal Goddess Power. Find the perfect self care ceremony kit for you and step into your power.



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