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I have always held the belief that when you harmonize the mind, body and spirit, you create a healthy and unified whole being. With this as my core truth, I found myself drawn towards energetic healing modalities as way of achieving balance within my own life. However, a deeper passion for alternative health practices occurred when my daughter, Lily Grace, was diagnosed with Autism. I was determined to find a way to help her live up to her best potential and dove deep into researching holistic healthcare and alternative treatments. I discovered many amazing therapies utilizing light, frequency, sound and treatments to effect positive change at a cellular level (root cause). During this time period, we relocated to Denver, Colorado to be closer to an Immunologist who was working closely with Lily Grace. It had been almost 2 years since her initial diagnosis and she was steadily improving in cognitive, behavioral and physical health. Her progress inspired me help other families who were experiencing challenges recovering their children from Autism.  In 2011, I opened an Integrative Wellness Center utilizing the treatments and therapies that had been successful for Lily Grace in her healing journey. I soon discovered these type of services where not only needed by the Autism community, but by so many other people who have been battling to regain their health.



With joy, I put all of my energy into building the Center and expanding our services and wellness programs. I found various therapies, when combined,  could yield greater results. I developed strategic partnerships within the holistic community and we worked together to find ways of supporting each others role in improving our clients health. Some of these partnerships progress to the point of them moving their business/practice into my Center so they could take a more active part in expanding our wellness programs. My role within the Center was interactive and I wore many hats (as many new business owners do): Director, Marketing, Client Services, CEO, Brainwave Optimization Technician, Community Liaison and Alternative Health Educator. You name it, I did it! I discovered my purpose was to make an impact in the lives of those who needed support to heal themselves or their loved ones.



Autism led me down this path of Integrative Health Care and those amazing individuals within this community needed additional support. I started a non-profit named after my daughter called Lily Grace Foundation. It supports those affected by Autism and their parents/caregivers. We offered respite care, resources, education. I have a soft spot for the children on the spectrum. They are so fascinating to me in that no matter what their exterior may show you, they are completely present on the inside and always aware of what is happening around them. When parents of newly diagnosed kids would ask me for advice, I always replied with this: "No matter what is happening (having a melt down, being behaviorally inappropriate, etc.), do not under any circumstances say anything in front of your child that you would not want them to hear". They are listening to you and absorbing all the emotions you are putting off. Their nervous system is in contact over drive due to their heighten sensory abilities. With a friend and co-worker, I developed "Relaxation Station"-  a sensory based yoga program we offered in many Denver based public ASD classrooms. The kids absolutely LOVED it as it gave them tools to manage their stress levels and have a more productive school day. 



I relocated back to my home town of Tampa, Florida. I'm am integrating the Lily Grace Foundation into a new Autism/ASD community and working to bring mindfulness rooms into the school setting to provide maximum support the children I adore. Unfortunately, my Integrative Wellness Center closed it's doors with the move. It was sad to let my business go after putting so much of myself into it, but I know within my heart the bigger purpose had been served. It was the knowledge I gained. The education I received during that 7 year period of ownership couldn't be reproduced in any school setting. I discovered the types of services that are truly impactful, which therapies work well together to create greater results, creating effective wellness programs, knowing which products work and are worth selling (supplements, etc.), grass roots marketing, choosing the size and location of your business, knowing how to find your clients, educating them and keep them coming back, and creating lasting and sustainable partnerships within the holistic community.


When one door closes, another door opens

We are all in a state of perpetual transformation, shaped by life, to reach our highest potential as human beings. My life has had unexpected twists and turns, some amazing and some extremely challenging, but I know at the deepest level that the whole of it has shaped me into who I am today. I am most grateful for my journey and that it has afforded me the opportunity to contribute to the world by doing what I love. I wish for you to experience this as well.


My new purpose is all about helping you reach your next level of potential by discovering what lights you up and brings passion to your life. From there, we can co-create a business strategy to put you into alignment with what you most desire to bring into the world. If you are ready for meaningful transformation to occur in your life, then you are my perfect client and I'd be most grateful to be a part of your journey! 



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