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Amanda is a conduit and channel of higher frequencies and consciousness. She offers her services as an experienced Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, Medium, Vibrational Living Coach, Holistic Business Consultant and offers courses in Self Mastery.  Amanda teaches us to elevate our vibration through deliberate and conscious action. When we raise our vibration, our forcefield will energetically align our life path, and all its negative or positive potentials, to an energetic equivalent stream of consciousness. This opens a doorway of unlimited golden potential as we become the architect of our reality. 


Since 1995, Amanda has worked energetically with hundreds of beautiful souls to bring them peace, clarity, guidance and/or the multi-level healing they needed to move further along their path of self discovery and ascension. The majority of her clients have expressed amazement at her accuracy in predictions, medical intuitive abilities and of the overall personal transformation experienced as a result of their energetic exchange. 


After Amanda’s daughter was diagnosed with Autism in 2010, she was inspired to ground herself into the physical realm and to open an Integrative Wellness Center. Originally, the primary focus was to help those impacted by Autism and their caregivers, however, by high demand the services were extended to those suffering from neurological and immunological challenges as well as those types of illnesses without cures or answers. After personally working with countless numbers of people on an energetic level, Amanda was certain of one thing. In order for a person to achieve true healing, they must heal all four of their energetic bodies. With this in mind, she formed a team of like minded professionals and created a multifaceted cellular detox and rejuvenation program. This program addressed the body as a whole, or one unified being, and included biomedical therapies and services proven by science to create positive change at the cellular level. After 8 years of living and breathing Integrative Wellness, Amanda’s vision, mission and purpose became crystal clear. 


Amanda fully integrated all of the experiential knowledge she gained from owning and operating her Wellness Center along with her innate “knowing” and connection to higher stream of consciousness. By blending these two areas of expertise she was able to create an unparalleled detox and rejuvenation program, one which encompasses all 4 energetic bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Amanda believes true transformation is available through this program for the individual who creates focused intentions of dropping all density from their forcefield and by applying the Universal Law of Right Action (this means taking full responsibility for all that has occurred, positively or negatively, in all lifetimes, no victims here, as a matter of soul growth for all involved).

Amanda continues to offer private and group sessions, targeted empowerment trainings, online courses/resources, monthly membership programs and more. It is always her intention to meet you exactly where are you on your spiritual journey and to illuminate a pathway for your soul to follow home.


Amanda holds certifications or licensees in the following:



  • Transformational Coach

  • Holistic Business Development

  • Brainwave Optimization Technician

  • Quantum Biofeedback Practitioner

  • Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor

  • Sound Healing Practitioner

  • Reiki Master