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your spiritual evolution is my revolution

"It is my belief that we each are sovereign beings of divine light + as such, have the innate right to freely pursue a life path aligned with our unique soul's purpose. In doing so, it elevates our vibration + expands our consciousness, enabling us to experience a deeper level of love, unity + peace."

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Quantum balancing is at it's core is, energy healing, restoration, and rejuvenation to it original Creator form.  We are all experience major transformation and release of old energies, traumas, and core woundings. From this life time, as well as, past life times. Session begins with a medical intuitive scan to see where any density may be presenting and all lower vibrational energies will be transmuted to light to restore harmony and  balance within all four bodies. This also includes establishing coherence to the chakras, auric field, and unifying the higher mind/heart. As needed, Amanda will also channel any necessary activations required for DNA or light body upgrades.  


As a multi dimensional soul, having a physical experience, you hold the keys of the kingdom within you. Once you remember this truth, it can allow quantum leaps to occur in a new awareness of self. This higher state of consciousness allows you to become the architect of your reality. Ascension Coaching will give you the guidance, tools, and trainings you need to meet your heart/mind centered goals. Choose from two Ascension Coaching packages. 



Amanda is an Energy Intuitive, Medium, and channel of higher streams of consciousness. Her messages are aligned with the that of Christ Consciousness, which is the highest stream of Universal frequencies. She works closely with her client's higher self and their spirit guides/teams. She receives guidance from outside of the astral/psychic plane, from what she terms, 'The Hall of Records'. This place stores the records of every soul and any incarnation from any time or space. This brings thru knowledge which is most impactful to the client, and where the messages are aligned to the highest and best outcomes for her client's. She is known as a pure channel who provides information and guidance, which has been confirmed to be very accurate and relative to what her client's most need to know to make impactful and profound shifts within their lives. 



Holistic and alternative health practices will be opening more and more in the coming years to allow for a fresh, necessary, and more impactful way of treating the new emerging human. There will be different radiation, frequencies, and energies streaming into Earth's atmosphere and then into our energy fields (both fields are magnetic to all of it by nature). In addition, the levels of stress, anxiety, and over stimulation are extreme and overwhelming. Humanity is faced with the challenge of evolving at a very fast rate, and under almost 

insurmountable pressures. The combined circumstances make opening a business to support a new level of critical health care a priority. Fortunately, Amanda owned and operated an alternative wellness center for over 7 years. The training and knowledge she received from this experience was invaluable. She offers consulting to pass it on to those interested in supporting humanity through this level of service.  


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