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The divine resides within you + only illusion separates you from radiating all the glorious aspects of your highest self.  

You are the guru you've been looking for!

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your spiritual evolution is my revolution

"It is my belief that we each are sovereign beings of divine light + as such, have the innate right to freely pursue a life path aligned with our unique soul's purpose. In doing so, it elevates our vibration + expands our consciousness, enabling us to experience a deeper level of love, unity + peace."

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We are all experience major  transformations and release of old energies, traumas, and core woundings. From this life time, as well as, past life times. Session begins with a medical intuitive scan to see where any density may be presenting and all density will be transmuted to light to restore harmony +  balance within all 4 bodies. This also includes restoring coherence to the chakras, auric field, and higher mind/heart unification. As needed, Amanda will also channel any necessary activations required for DNA or light body upgrades.  


As a multi dimensional soul, having a physical experience, you hold the keys of the kingdom within you. Once you remember this truth, it can allow quantum leaps to occur in your awareness of self. This higher state of consciousness allows you to become the architect of your reality. Ascension Coaching will give you the guidance, tools, and trainings you need to meet your heart/mind centered goals. Choose from three Ascension Coaching packages. 






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